Our Vision and Mission Alignment

Gundi Contracting Pty Ltd is a licensed Aboriginal electrical contracting business that is a majority Noongar owned company. Our vision is to become a major Aboriginal owned electrical contractor that provides reliable quality services to our customers and clients.

We have strong capability in;

  • Generation, transmission and distribution networks and systems,
  • cables & over-head lines networks,
  • lighting,
  • mining (crushers, conveyors, stackers, re-claimers, ship loaders) oil & gas electrical systems,
  • design,
  • construction,
  • commissioning construction verification works,
  • maintenance and repair works.
  • Performing factory & site acceptance tests.
  • Certification & compilation of reports as per Australian and/or International Standards.
  • Industrial & commercial design,
  • construction,  commissioning,
  • Maintenance & repairs services.
  • Testing and tagging, substations,
  • switch-rooms, switchboards.

Gundi Contracting is committed to working collaboratively with other businesses as an inclusive and culturally safe, equal opportunity employer.  We believe these are key factors in strengthening and developing the broader Australian workforce, community and economy.

Gundi Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to developing Aboriginal entrepreneurship through Aboriginal business development.  We have a strong understanding of the Indigenous Procurement Policy and how it can positively impact your Aboriginal participation and engagement strategies.  Gundi Contracting Pty Ltd offers expert knowledge and experience with all its electrical products and services.  We are also capable of facilitating new and innovative ways for Aboriginal participation and engagement across all our projects.

Our Services

High Voltage

Instrumentation & Control

Hazardous Areas

Power Generation

High Voltage testing equipment hiring services

Traffic Management

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