Traffic Managment Services

Gundi Traffic Services

Gundi Traffic Services has strategically established itself to support both large and small organisations with the provision of traffic management services. Our business delivers traffic management solutions to both regional and metropolitan clients in WA. Our services are fully compliant to industry standards for traffic management.

Gundi Traffic Services is registered with the Main Roads Western Australia State Road Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme and we facilitate the safe movement of motorists and pedestrians in and around worksites by providing the following services:

We endeavour to be the leading Aboriginal supplier of traffic management services underpinned by:

To ensure the best service to our clients, all our traffic controllers have the following certifications as a minimum:

If you have a project requiring traffic management, we invite you to consider partnering with Gundi Traffic Services. In so doing, you will be reducing the stress involved with this aspect of your project and ensuring its Timely, and above all, Safe execution. Consider partnering with a company which was formed as an equal opportunity employer with the intention of introducing more Aboriginal people into the work force.